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Tools help farmers, landowners select proper herbicides

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Written Tuesday, July 26, 2011  

Indiana farmers and landowners have a free and continuously updated resource to help them select proper herbicides for weeds growing in both farm fields and non-crop situations such as ditch banks, fence rows and roadsides.

The Indiana Select-A-Herbicide tools, created by Purdue Extension weed scientists Glenn Nice and Bill Johnson, offer users the ability to select weeds and sites in order to determine an effective herbicide.

"Many of the questions that we and the Purdue Extension educators get are from folks who have certain weeds but aren't sure exactly how to get rid of them," Nice said. "Because there are so many weeds and herbicides to try and remember, these tools are a place where people can go to get those questions answered quickly."

The sites include printable fact sheets and information about application rates and timing. Each herbicide also has a rating that is pulled from the herbicide label. Nice said herbicides recommended on the site for control of a specific weed are those rated 70-100 percent control by the manufacturer.

While the databases are not all-inclusive, Nice said they are continuously updated with new weeds and herbicides. The non-crop database currently contains more than 29,000 entries. The crop database has about 8,000.

"Because there are so many weeds and herbicides are always evolving, this will always remain a work in progress," he said. "The non-crop database has much more information involved because just about any weed can grow in these areas."

The Indiana Select-A-Herbicide for Crops is available on the Web at http://btny.agriculture.purdue.edu/herbsel/ . The non-crop version is at http://btny.agriculture.purdue.edu/herbsel/indexNC.cfm


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